The Bourbon Room

Hollywood Burlesque Festival


The Hollywood Burlesque Festival aims to ensure the ongoing tradition of burlesque in the arts and to raise awareness and appreciation of an art form that both empowers and admires the human figure. We believe that modern burlesque is for every body regardless of the previous beauty standards performers were forced to adhere to. We welcome acts of all styles and performers of any shape, size, color, ability, background, age, identity, gender, or economic class to join our stage and showcase what they have to offer to the art form as it grows and evolves. 


Our core values are simple: we aim to create a safer place for performers and audiences alike to experience the best the world of burlesque has to offer.  We do not allow discrimination of any kind at our festival, including, but not limited to, discrimination based on race, ethnicity, origin, age, gender identity, sexual identity, size, shade, shape, economic class, or ability. 

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