The Bourbon Room
Mon Sep 18 7:30 pm (Doors: 6:30 pm )
All Ages


HOSTED BY Laura Schein and Clayton Farris 


Book, Music & Lyrics by Quick and Funny Musicals (A UCB Company)
Head Writer: Michael O'Konis
Co-writers: Chrissy Bruzek, Jenna Bryson, Henry Kaiser, Joseph Porter, Molly Schreiber, Greg Smith, Rob Warner, Andrew Young

SAG and the WGA are on strike! But a strike is more than just a cause. Sometimes, it’s a place where dreams are made, love thrives, and actors get their 15 minutes of fame. Come see a series of stories behind the scenes of the picket line. Everyone wants something in a strike. God I hope they get it!


Book, Music & Lyrics by Justin Anthony Long 

Arrangements by Noah Prizant 

Jimmy Short tries to come out to his friends, family, and crush as he navigates high school and young love in this new coming-of-age musical. Set in Florida during the 2022-2023 school year, it is a funny and heartfelt musical with original pop rock score that reveals the struggles and joys of being gay in a repressive world. 

MIRROR IMAGE by JJ Warshaw & Laura Winters 

Tells the story of Jade, a high school senior whose dream of getting into Northwestern’s top-rated journalism program is threatened when she develops an eating disorder. 


Book, Music, and Lyrics by Jimmy Marino 

When a woman loses her estranged mother, she must travel back to her hometown for the first time in ten years to settle all of her mom's affairs; while there, she finds a set of her mother's old journals and accidentally starts a journey of self-discovery that threatens to uproot her entire life as she knows it.

A song from a  movie musical -

Music, Lyrics, and Book by Michelle Vezilj


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We are back and so excited to support our So Cal Composers, Writers and Performers once again by sharing their songs from New Musicals for Theater and Film.