The Bourbon Room
The Manager
Tue Nov 14 7:00 pm (Doors: 5:30 pm )
All Ages
a new musical
based on a true story

Somewhere between the King and the Conman stands ‘The Manager’
A young boy’s ‘chance meeting’ with Elvis Presley leads the way to a life centered around the Colonel
Tom Parker school of show business. After growing up with Elvis, he becomes ‘The Manager’ to Ricky
Nelson, up until Nelson’s tragic plane crash. He later joins music impresario, Louis Jay Pearlman (creator
of Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC), as they manage and produce “Making the Band” for MTV. Pearlman is
discovered running the largest and longest running Ponzi Scheme in US history leaving him holding the
bag. Sometimes real-life is more unbelievable than fiction.
World Premiere Musical Workshop
2 Performances Only!!
Monday, November 13 – 7:00 pm
Tuesday, November 14 – 7:00 pm
(doors open at 5:30 pm)
$10, $20
(plus 2 item minimum)
Book by Joni Ravenna Sussman
Music and Lyrics by Ben Susskind
The song "Father of the Year" by Ben Susskind with Joni Ravenna Sussman
Additional Material and Development by Steve Josephson
Directed by Steve Josephson
Musical Direction by Jerry Sternbach
Musical Arrangements by Jesse Vargas
Colonel Tom Parker – Kevin Baily
Louis Jay Pearlman – Ted Barton
Mac Donald – Steve Josephson
Younger Mac - Payson Lewis
Boy Mac - Douglas Nottage
Sherri Donald – Marguerite MacIntyre
Elvis Presley – Jesse Corbin
Ricky Nelson – Travis Nesbitt
Boy Band – Jesse JP Johnson, Christopher Messina, Jesse Corbin, Travis Nesbitt, Payson Lewis
Mac’s Mother/FBI Interrogator - Cecily Gish
Boy Band Mom-Shauna Steiner
Cora-Melanie Au-Yeung