The Bourbon Room
Mon Sep 26 7:30 pm (Doors: 6:30 pm )
All Ages

The smash hit is BACK and ready to take on a bigger venue with a bigger bang! Don't miss this one night only event!

About this event

What if Kristen Bell's narration of Gossip Girl all of a sudden had to deal with the insanity that happens in Euphoria?What is B and S no longer the most dramatic people in high school? Will Maddy be able to burlesque with those nails? Will Cassie find a horse to ride? Why does every bestie duo fight over some rando names Nate?! Will Ashtray sing a love balled to Fez? Will Lexi get to direct the whole show? Will Zendaya win another Emmy? Will Jules steal all of our hearts again? 

You can only find out what the heck is happening in XOXO Euphoria Girlby getting a ticket and joining us for a whirlwind of a weekend! 

Cast includes: Carly Jibson, Emma Hunton, Everjohn Feliciano, Garrett Clayton, Janaya Jones, Kristyn Evelyn, Bianca Gisselle, Matthew Scott Montgomery, Meredith Lim, Ty Deran, Sarah Wines and Alli Miller-Fisher.

Producers: Sarah Haworth-Hodges, Chadd Mcmillan, Lauren Avon and Alli Miller-Fisher