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Chesney Claire

Chesney Claire (Hébert) was born in July of 2001. She was indeed, named after Country Music Icon, Kenny Chesney. Someone knew what they were doing!

At 8 years old, Chesney was taking vocals lessons from Chubby Checker's band in Branson, Missouri. By age 11 she was taking piano lessons and vocal lessons from Tony Orlando's band in Branson.

Chesney graduated from Bell City High School in Bell City, Louisiana in 2019.
Even though Chesney had a 3.8GPA in high school and was awarded a full ride academic scholarship to LSU, she ultimately chose music. It was during this most informative time in her life when she lost her brother/best friend to an accidental overdose followed by her grandfather and six weeks later, her grandmother passed. Chesney's heart was crushed during this time and her parents had just divorced after years of marriage where her mother unfortunately suffered  from domestic abuse injuries. Chesney's decision not to go to college stunned many people because she is so incredibly smart, but she already had her eyes on the prize. She was ready to start laying down groundwork for her music business.

Upon graduating from high school at age 17, Chesney began making music professionally and with the help and guidance of Producer Rich Brown/Atlantis Studios in Branson, MO, Chesney would successfully record and release 6 cover singles.

It didn't take long for people to start noticing.
Chesney was performing all over stages in Branson when her music intrigued the ears of several music producers (including some in Las Vegas, NV). 
Months later, Chesney found herself and her "Momager", Kim Hébert moving to the West Coast (Las Vegas/Los Angeles) to make music with other seasoned production teams. It was a learning experience for sure.

By age 18 Chesney was extremely interested in Songwriting. The year 2020 was a great year to pick up a pencil. Covid had us all locked down and it proved the perfect opportunity to grow her catalog, so she wrote over 200 additional songs from 2020-2022. Chesney couldn't perform anywhere because of her age. She couldn't wait until she could perform again. Performing in Louisiana was much easier. Everywhere Chesney went, she was chaperoned by her "Momager" (who always keep a watchful eye over Chesney's career and those working with her).
It was easy to perform anywhere in Louisiana. "My Mom went with me everywhere and that was enough. I was headlining when I was 15 years old, but all that stopped when I moved to Las Vegas", Chesney said.

From 2020 to 2022 Chesney threw herself into learning the business aspect of music and made some masterpiece moves. Chesney continued writing and grew her catalog to over 300 written songs during the time she was waiting to turn 21.

Finally in July of 2022 (after Chesney turned 21), She began seeking out gigs on the West Coast. Now armed with over 300 written songs and 30+ really great demos, and a few original compositions released, Chesney had her own music to perform. In 2022 Chesney started looking for a producer with her same vision for music.
Always hearing excuses from producers why they couldn't tackle projects with her, she decided to do it alone.  She wasn't waiting around anymore. She designed a music studio of her own and from that moment on, she became unstoppable. 

As of 2024, Chesney has 19 Records released through her own record label, Zeiss Records and she is working on her debut album as we speak called "Alaska".
Chesney is making huge strides with her new business partner, Serial entrepreneur, Brian J Esposito who is CEO of Esposito Intellectual Entreprises, LLC and now part owner of both CC Publishing and Zeiss Records.

Chesney has worked with Tim Coons  (President of Cheiron Music Group and the original producers of The Backstreet Boys). He produced "Come Alive".
Chesney has worked with multiplatinum, Grammy award winning Producer/Engineer Raphael Johnson (RJ). Producer Rich Brown in Branson is extremely important in Chesney's career, as is Producer Ryan Lau (Nashville), Producer Mikheil Rusishvilli in the country Georgia, and many others that have contributed to Chesney's success so far.

Not only is Chesney working on her debut album, she has lots of performances scheduled at lots of iconic venues and is also preparing to slide over to the FILM side of entertainment. Chesney already has two handfuls of movies she is scheduled to be in and some of those start filming Fall of 2024. Chesney is also a voting member of The Los Angeles Chapter of The Recording Academy.

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