The Bourbon Room

Jennie B

Jennie B is a multi-talented recording artist from Ireland currently living in Los Angeles. Jennie B grew up in Ireland where she attended stage school. She has been dancing and performing since the age of 11, and has performed in the Westend Stage in London and in Disneyland Paris. She began taking vocal lessons and singing seriously in her twenties.

After college, Jennie B decided to leave her family, friends and small hometown in rural Ireland and move to New York on her own, to pursue her dream of becoming a big time recording artist. Jennie attended Peridance Dance School in Manhattan for a year and trained as a professional dancer in all styles of dance. Here she was trained by some of the most renowned choreographers in the world many of whom have worked with Janet Jackson, Rihanna, Ciara, Missy Elliot, P Diddy, and Run DMC to name but a few.

During that year, Jennie B also worked with vocal coach Norma Garbo, who coached Taylor Swift, and who will currently go on tour with The Scissor Sisters working as their tour vocal coach.

Jennie began her music recording career working with underground rappers in Brooklyn, in underground studios. She performed at many events in Brooklyn and eventually was spotted by a talent scout and invited to record at a professional studio in Manhattan, where she began honing her sound and fusing hip hop beats with pop sounds.

  Jennie has received a lot of attention from well known music DJs in the industry who are keen to play her new music once released. She has been approached by well known rappers to do collaborations, and is currently in talks to undergo such projects as well as perform at festivals when the world re-opens.

  Jennie B's music is fun, pop & dance, with a hip-hop infused sound.  Jennie B is a songwriter, dancer, entertainer, singer and performer. 

Get ready as she prepares to light the stage with her energetic, breath-taking live performances. 

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